Inquisitive Journeys offers a different approach to personal change and growth for those who want to explore what's calling them forth with curiosity and compassion.

With me as your coach, you’ll discover new perspectives about who you are and how to be more fully yourself in the world.

The people I work with appreciate my calm, steady presence, and practical approach. Together, we’ll share a non-judgmental space where the things you may tend to downplay or hide about yourself – the softer things, the more vulnerable things – are accepted without condition. It’s these emotional, intuitive, and spiritual nudges that will guide us as we practice noticing what feels alive, lighter, and more expansive for you.

Here are the stories of those I’ve accompanied on their journeys…

  • Sometimes people come to work with me because they prefer something other than traditional therapy. Sometimes they’ve already tried different spiritual approaches but have found that their tendency to overthink things clouds their ability to benefit. 

  • Other times, people come to work with me when they find themselves in a personal circumstance (divorce, illness, job loss) that, no matter how
    much they’ve tried to figure it out, they just can’t find their way. 

  • And, some people work with me when they’ve come to the realization that they’ve been living as someone other than who they really are. This could be someone who consistently puts others’ needs and desires ahead of their own, or who finds themselves acting and behaving to suit the unreasonable expectations of others (or themselves)

What can you expect when coaching with Nat


Together, we’ll make room for old patterns to be illuminated and witnessed. For what wants to be said and let go. For noticing the assumptions and rules you may be holding about yourself and what’s even possible. Once you see these things, you may then choose something different. Something you’d prefer.


I have a deep respect for beauty, diversity, culture, and the full range of experiences that we have as humans. Together, we can notice what is arising for you in each moment and share a common curiosity about your inner world and the world around you.

Time to Explore on Your Own

I’ll invite you to pay attention to what arises between our sessions because you can use it all to your benefit (and the benefit of others). I may also give you a question to contemplate or a practice to try on your own. 


There are a variety of ways we can work together, from a single Resistance Release session to longer-term engagements.

No matter the road that’s brought you here or the specifics of your situation, every Inquisitive Journey begins at a common meeting point: a conversation. This is a chance for us to talk a bit about what’s going on and to see how we might best work together.