What happens when you let your heart be your tour guide?

What happens when you let your heart be your tour guide?

This is the question that I have been following for years now. So often when we want something, we settle for what’s quick or what seems to “make sense.” But what if that’s not a great way to travel… or to live? 

On a trip to Portugal, my wife and I were wandering the cobblestone streets of Lagos at the end of the day. My wife wanted to see a historic church. I was hungry and wanted to eat. So we walked in the general direction of where she wanted to go and agreed to stop and eat if we found a restaurant that looked good. 

There were plenty of restaurants along our path. And the reasonable thing would have been for us to stop at the first place that was open. But none of them felt quite right. I was getting annoyed – a guy’s got to eat! – but none of the places we walked past had the right vibe. We ended up walking all the way to the church, which ended up not being open yet. Walking just a bit further, we found a cozy, family-owned cafe with Portuguese fusion meals. It was exactly what we wanted! 

These are the sorts of experiences that make travel magical. And when we travel this way, it gives us practice in living this way, too. 

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